Yuria Takimoto
Vital statistics
Name Yuria Takimoto
Gender Female
Race Human
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Status Deceased
Location Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, Japan
Japanese Voice
English Voice Kristi Bingham


Yuria Takimoto was a student at an all girls high school. After some research, Kouki learns that her parents had called the police because she had gone missing a week earlier.


She appeared at the beginning of Episode Three calling with a request to see Rin. When Rin goes to meet her on the top floor of a building under construction, Yuria is dressed in a tattered maid's uniform, covered in blood and was clearly sick. Through her coughs, the girl is only able to say one cryptic sentence ("The flower of death! It's going to bloom in Tokyo!") before accidentally falling off the building and dying in front of Rin.
Upon receiving Yuria's autopsy report it was found that she seemed to be sporting several body piercings and was also suffering from a disease known as "Higan" or the Equinox Disease, which was native only to Hagashima Island, or "Death Island", which would have killed her in a week implicating Sayara Yamanobe's involvement in Yuria's demise. Even stranger, when Yanagihara told Rin about this, he heard the coroner mention "It can't be" - as if the coroner had seen this sort of thing before.
Later on, it was discovered she was indeed acquainted with Sayara Yamanobe. Sayara had infected the poor girl with Higan when Yuria discovered Sayara's plan to cause a world-wide pandemic with the disease. She then managed to escape and attempted to warn Rin about Sayara's plan.