Vital statistics
Name Laura
Gender Female
Race Immortal (Later a Cyborg)
Faction Ally of Apos
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Status Deceased
Location Mobile
Japanese Voice Sayaka Ohara (大原 さやか)
English Voice Clarine Harp


The principal female antagonist of the series, Laura has been Rin's main rival for the better part of over fifty years. An assassin by trade, she had been hired by Apos to kill Rin; but was unaware of her immortality until the case involving Kouki in 1990. Although fatally injured by Rin, Apos used a Time Fruit on her; although it did not regenerate the eye she lost to Rin in their fight.


Laura appears throughout the series, attacking Rin whenever she can. After Apos uses a Time Fruit on her, she becomes an Immortal Cyborg. Apos betrays Laura in Episode Six by sending Angels after her during her fight with Rin; and she retaliates by leading Mimi and Mishio to Yggdrasil's root. When Apos is being absorbed into Yggdrasil, she asks Rin to take her Time Fruit and feed it to him so that he can feel her pain.
Laura's obsession with killing Rin over the years had become a matter of pride to her. Even at the bitter end when she was utterly defeated and nothing more than a disembodied cybernetic head she expressed that she wished she could spit on Rin.